A Linguistic Research on Monetary Recognition Practices

This study investigated the influence of effective communication and performance appraisals on employees’ compensation practices at Integra software services private limited, Puducherry. Compensation is an important business approach for organizational success because a high level of employee engagement in both the private and public sector improve employees’ performance and organizational productivity. The survey research design method was adopted for the study and a total of 100 respondents were selected using random sampling techniques. Data were collected through the questionnaires to measure compensation management. The data collected were analyzed using statistical packages for social sciences (SPSS) which include a descriptive analysis of demographic information using pie chart and simple percentage, cluster analysis, one-way ANOVA and Pearson correlation were used to test the two hypotheses that were generated for the study at 0.05 alpha levels of significance. The study concluded that effective communication and compensation management has a significant positive effect on employees’ compensation structures. Moreover, the findings also revealed that employees’ compensation is significantly related to organizational performance. Based on the findings of this study, it was recommended that organizations should increase employee compensation.

Kirubasankar. N and Deebika. K. “A Linguistic Research on Monetary Recognition Practices” United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT) 1.3 (2019): 33-37.

Development and Validation of the Household Food Safety Questionnaire

Health problems associated with the consumption of foods that do not meet the hygiene and epidemiological standards are not of recent date and have been occurring continuously throughout the history of human existence. The incidence of food poisoning and foodborne transmissible diseases is three times more common in-home kitchens and households. Restaurant poisoning generally involves a larger number of people, whereas a home-based one involves individuals or a small number of people, so its likelihood of identification by the competent authority or public health organizations and services are significantly smaller. The development of the household food safety questionnaire (HFSQ) for the general population went through five phases (preparation of the questionnaire, distribution of the questionnaire to panelists and then the respondents, statistical analysis and the formation of the final version of the validated questionnaire). A total of 58 particles that formed the basis of the questionnaire were divided into four segments: demographic (10), knowledge (17), opinion (14) and food safety practice (17). Overall, the validity of the questionnaire in examining practice, knowledge and attitude was determined with Cronbach’s alpha = 0.842. The total number of particles adequate for the questionnaire is 29 questions. This questionnaire is a good instrument for assessing the knowledge, attitudes and practices of food handlers in their households.

Daniel Maestro, Arzija Pašalić, Sabina Šegalo and Amar Žilić. “Development and Validation of the Household Food Safety Questionnaire” United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT) 1.3 (2019): 24-32.

The Possible Way of Alleviating Poverty in the Context of Bangladesh


This paper examines the poverty but basically explores possible policies or strategies in reducing poverty in the context of Bangladesh. Poverty is a situation in which individual can’t fulfil his or her basic needs or lead his or her way of life normally. However, poverty, every people accedes, makes problems at social, economic, national and international level. In this study, qualitative research method is used and historical method and content analysis are employed to collect data and discuss the possible way of alleviating poverty. It also clear that poverty disrupts the motion of economic growth day by day. This may sound daunting that millions of people are died every year because of living in the below of poverty line as well as thousands of people are injured. By and large, without rapid and far reaching changes to how poverty is running the damage to our planet could be irreversible. The message is clear that to reduce poverty and change current situation of poverty in Bangladesh, a cooperative effort on global scale must be needed. With so much to gain and to lose inaction, author guesses, controlling over population, growing Gross Domestic Product (GDP), rising educated population, arranging employment sector, rising foreign aids, involving civil society in due time must be required. It can be concluded that to reduce poverty by using every trick in the book, people of Bangladesh can live in a peaceful and comfortable situation and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would go up by two or three times

Abdul Karim Gazi. “The Possible Way of Alleviating Poverty in the Context of Bangladesh” United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT) 1.3 (2019): 17-23.

Solving Applied Optimization Problems with Differential Equations

There are many different rules for mathematics field. Among them, solving the problems with differential equations which there are first derivative test and second derivative test. There were use to solve the problem of practical life such as profit and loss of the business system, maximum and minimum of the dimensions and increasing and decreasing of the function domain. In this paper, we use derivatives to find the extreme values of functions, to determine and analyze the shapes of graphs and to find numerically where a function equals zero. Rolle’s Theorem and its examples are expressed. The first derivative test to determine where the differential equation increases and decreases is given. Similarly, the second derivative test to determine. Variety of optimization problems are solved by using derivatives. The dimension of various shape with fixed perimeter having maximum area are computed. The dimension for the least expensive cylindrical can of a given volume are computed. Kay Thi Win, Ngwe Kyar Su Khaing and Nwae Oo Htike. “Solving Applied Optimization Problems with Differential Equations” United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT) 1.3 (2019): 10-16.

Integrating ICT on Adaptation Knowledge About Early Warning System for Disaster Managing in Emergency Response Among Different Class

Geographically Bangladesh is a disaster prone area. Every year many disasters occur in this country and causes a great damage of people’s lives and property. For the betterment of the country, the losses must be reduced but it is the fact that we cannot stop disaster rather than try to reduce the damage by means of some effective steps. This paper is conducted about disaster among people. For reduce this devastating situation our country follows some traditional warning system and this system are not preferable to reach all class people such as disable, children, old people and this traditional warning system are failed to fulfilling the local need assessment during the disaster situation. Modern rea is totally technology bases. By using the tools and techniques of ICT, the system of early warning can be developed more and reach to the people of every sector. Taslima Aktar Rani. “Integrating ICT on Adaptation Knowledge About Early Warning System for Disaster Managing in Emergency Response Among Different Class” United International Journal for Research & Technology (UIJRT) 1.3 (2019): 01-09.